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  Surface acoustic wave sensor


C. Viespe, C. Grigoriu, D. Drăgulinescu, C. Blănaru, O. Iancu, N. Grosu ,I. Cristea, B. Saucă, C. Toader, M. Mihalcea, “Surface acoustic wave sensors for the detection of CCL3NO2 and HCN” , “ SPIE Europe Symposium on Security and Defence” Florenta, Italia 2007 - Oral Presentation
C. Viespe, Constantin Grigoriu, Constantin Toader, Nicoleta Grigoriu, “Detection of chemical warfare agents using surface acoustic wave sensors with diferent polymer coatings” - International Semiconductor Conferences (CAS) 12-14 oct. 2009 Sinaia Romania - Oral Presentation-BEST PAPER AWARD
C. Viespe, C. Grigoriu, M. Sima, D. Dragulinescu, D. Miu, “Surface acoustic wave sensors for detection of various gases”, INDLAS   Bran, May, 23 – 25, 2007
C. Sima, C. Viespe, C. Grigoriu, S. Jinga, E. Andronescu, “Oxide nanoparticles produced by pulsed laser ablation”  EMRS Fall Meeting 2007, 17-21 September, Warsaw, Poland
C. Viespe, C. Grigoriu, D. Dragulinescu, C. Sima  ”Surface acoustic wave sensors for detection of various gases”, CFN Summer School on Nano-Photonics, 21-26 august 2008 -  Karlsruhe Germania.
B. I. Ion, S. Costin, C. Nicolae, S. Adrian, R, Florin, B, Alexandru, "Power Optimization of Combinational Circuits Mapped on LUT-Based FPGAs" the 20th DAAAM World Symposium, Austria Center Vienna (ACV), 25-28th of November 2009.


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