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  Surface acoustic wave sensor


  • general objective:

        Development of a smart sensor, matrix type, with surface acoustic wave, intended for toxic gases detection, neiurotoxic or with general action. The detector will permit toxic gases detection at a level in air of ´ ppm and under ppm, and wil have a alarm threshold minimum lees one order of magnitude less under alarm concentration.

    • specific objectives:
    • the study of some ad/absorbent materials, chemical sensitive to the toxic agents, based on the utilization of the nanocompozite materials (with nanoparticles < 10 nm with high surface area);
    • the characterization of the material response and the selection of the optimal ones for the whole range of chemical compounds which are going to be identified and environmental conditions;
    • fabrication of the matrix surface acoustic wave sensor;
    • fabrication of the integrated electronic system for the signals processing;
    • elaboration of the identification and quantification algorithm  , which processes the information got from each element of the sensor matrix; development of suitable software;
    • modeling and simulation of the identification and quantization;
    • demonstration of the sensor functionality;
    • publications, scientific communications WEB site , CD;
    • submision of a one or more invention patents (apparatus anad methods).
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